Complaints Procedure

Agents, Branch Managers and Salespersons licensed (“Licensee”) under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 ("the Act”), have in addition to various other requirements of the Act, a duty of professional care and conduct.

In the event that any prospective client, client or customer feels they have not received the level of professional conduct judiciously required by a Licensee then they have the right to address those concerns with the Licensee or with the Real Estate Authority; or both.

If you wish to make a complaint or speak to the Principal Licensee of First National Real Estate - please contact Rob Hooper 021 548 600 or via email or our Sales Manager Trevor Palmer 07 562 0316 or


National Office Complaints Procedure

First National Group NZ Limited National Office's complaints and disciplinary process is mainly concerned with governing its Members. The Group's jurisdiction is limited only to any breach of the Group's Membership Polices and Rules.

Therefore, the Role of the National Office is merely to facilitate the complaints process with the relevant Licensee, and only in the event of a non-resolution - to act as mediator if agreed to by all Parties.

Your complaint must be in writing and addressed to Colleen Milne, General Manager. It's very important that you set out the details and provide as much evidence as possible to support your complaint.

We will be in touch with you to send you more information about our process of dealing with the complaint, and explain how you are to be involved.

As the National Office can only deal with complaints about its Members, if your complaint is not about a Member of the First National Group we cannot deal with it.

In addition to, or alternative to the above complaints process, a client can make a complaint to the Real Estate Authority.


Making a Complaint Through the Real Estate Authority ("REA")

A Licensee must ensure that prospective clients, clients and customers are aware that they may access the REA's complaints process without first using the in-house procedures, and that any use of the in-house procedures does not preclude their making a complaint to the REA.

Complaints in respect of a License directed to the REA can be made via the following:

The Real Estate Authority 
c/- PO Box 25-063
Wellington 6146